Sash Windows London

Everything we do is a replication of our desire to uphold excellence and promote sustainability in modern living while enhancing our English heritage through architecture.

We believe that the adopted manufacturing technology can strengthen our ability to create wooden doors and windows that are authentic and energy efficient. Our methods have been extensively tested throughout the times and meet the relevant accrediting standards.


You can depend on us to provide and maintain the comfort you so much desire for your home, maximising warmth, and creating a soundproof environment suitable for you and your family.

For all our products engineered wood technology is used, which ensures protection and quality of wooden windows and doors. Engineered wood reduces the tension on the inner frame between the humidity and temperature changes. Timber beam technology allows the selection of the highest quality wood and a significant reduction in price compared to the wooden windows of a continuous beam

Sash windows and doors are environmentally friendly and thermally efficient. Double-glazing is the standard for all London Sash Window Company resulting in saved energy and safety.

Our traditional sash windows and doors are made to meet the requirements for historic buildings and conservation areas. Our production facilities allow us to be flexible and produce windows of any shape and size: round, arched windows and antique types of ornaments. The design depends on your needs and in 99% cases we can deliver!